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tv   Today  NBC  October 20, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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this morning on "today's take," mcsteamy eric dane is heating up things as our celebrity guest host. then, from the star-studded comedy, "red oaks," paul riser and jennifer grey. celebs? it's all in the jeans. coming up right now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take"" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. what a beautiful day. welcome to "today" on this thursday morning, on the 20th of october, 2016. al recovering -- oh, i forgot to
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he's doing better than expected. >> every morning i've been sending a bitmoji. i'm going to send morning hugs. he is recovering and we love him so much and i know he is watching right now because he likes to control the universe. i sent morning hugs from all of us and my bitmoji. let's be clear, al roker is our main man. >> yes. >> al -- >> however -- >> what do you mean, however? >> i feel like we're taking a turn to get us to our special gues is. >> yes. because i see you -- i see you already sweating. >> what? dylan! that's moisturizer. what do you mean? >> well, before we get to our special guest host and welcome him in, we had a very weird moment yesterday. simply just asked you to borrow something. you show me into your closet. >> this sounds weird. >> and then this happened. it was all caught on tape. take a look. >> probably something black would be good.
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i want to be a little comfortable. >> hey! >> oh, my god. >> tamron! >> just get out. don't tell anybody, please. it's my wall to eric. leave me alone, dylan dreyer. >> i'm locking you in that closet. >> with eric. >> slight obsession? >> eric dane, mcsteamy, is my mceverything. he's my mcrib. i don't know. okay >> hello. good to see you. how you doing? >> i'm good. okay. and you smell amazing. >> thank you. >> i wish you ladies could smell him at home.
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say, wow, mcsteamy. do you do that when you look at yourself? >> i used to. >> now you just say, hey, eric. >> now i just say hey, eric, then i have a full-blown conversation with myself. >> what did they say to you to convince you to do this show? >> they said you want to come out to new york and hang out with tamron? and i said, sure. and that was pretty much it. >> really! so it didn't take much. >> no. >> did you know about my wall in my clos >> okay. scale of 1 to 10 -- creepy 10. >> are you going to leave it up? >> well, i don't know. we are so happy to have you here. >> i'm so happy to be here. thank you. >> have you ever co-hosted a show before? >> never. this is the first time for me. >> so did you rehearse? practice? >> no. >> nothing. >> we're just going to wing it today. >> some guys are much better. you don't think too much. >> i think so.
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some stuff. >> let's talk about the last ship. >> okay, good. >> you like that? >> i do like that. yeah. it is a fun show. >> you like being in uniform? what is it about it? >> i love being in uniform. i love walking down the pier -- we shoot down at the naval base in san diego. you know i am a well decorated chanten captain on the show. i walk down the pier and i get saluted. i didn't know whant nknow what first. the captain pulled me aside. he said, listen, at the end of the day somebody's going to come up to me and say who's the "whatever" that's not returning salute. he said just think of it like this. they're saluting the uniform. they're not saluting you. then it makes sense. then i was like, hey, all right. >> how beautiful is san diego? it's one of the most beautiful cities -- >> i love san diego.
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>> the naval base is fantastic. men and women in the united states navy, i can't say enough about them. it is so cool to be able to shoot on these destroyers. it is something else. >> it is throwback thursday. i don't know why i moved all of the way -- i have to see you in your fullness. >> i'm going to start moving closer to you. >> sweaty pregnant woman. >> no! >> okay. back on so, it is throwback thursday and we have a surprise for you. oh, that's dylan! that's you? >> i didn't know that's what was going to come up. sorry, eric, that was probably the worst surprise you'll have all day. >> go back to dylan. this was dylan's throwback thursday. >> i have a strange collection of throwback thursday pictures.
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school where i used to take like stock photography pictures. >> like the girl next door face? >> i don't know what that face is. you fan out money or take a bite of an apple or lift a 3-pound weight and different companies buy it. apparently i made it to the cover of one of those little checkout things at grocery store. >> what year was that? >> i don't know. probably '98, '99. >> i love is that! i can look for you in stock photo. we do have a young eric dane. >> i've been patiently waiting. >> i'm sorry. did you know you were on "saved by the bell"? >> i did, yeah. >> the summer years. >> which person in this are you? >> i was like the evil volleyball player. >> is that you? >> it is. >> i'd love to go out with a handsome guy like you. >> hold old were you? >> 19. >> look at that hair. >> you see that fake fall i did? that was fantastic.
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but i did yell "cut" after one of the takes and the director took my head off. apparently only the director is supposed to yell "cut." >> here you are on "rose"rosean" this is memory lane. >> i'm the bellhop. >> what? >> now i see it. >> then we have one more. where are you again? >> that's me with the big hair. >> did you just let it grow? does it still do that? >> it does if i let it grow like that. but i never would let it grow like that. i learned my lesson young. >> what role was this? >> i was playing the -- i was hosting a radio show in a
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'90s, did you have a favorite? was there this excitement when you were part of those shows that everybody was watching at the time? >> the show didn't get picked up, which was weird. it was a spinoff of "married with children" which we thought was kind of the sure thing, right? and it just -- it didn't fly. >> really. every show with you in it should fly. >> i agree. >> i think we have my throwback thursday. so i called m o in chicago and our editor -- i said just send whatever. i don't want to see it. i'm going to give it to my loving team at the table who protect my image and love me. they went through the video. which one is me? >> wait. >> this is a throwback thursday. st. patrick's day, the trinity irish dancer. >> the riverdancer! >> that's me in the -- the brown one. that's me. >> and the one dressed in purple, of course. but i didn't know you could dance like this.
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either. no, i took classes. >> you are adorable. >> it is so refreshing to finally see tamron in that way as opposed to like all like jazzed up and dressed up like you normally are. >> that was morning tv. trinity irish dancers. so last night our "today" show -- i'm going to redeem myself. last night we had an incredible event, a book party for this book, "possession obsession," when we cherish and why. i am so f cover of this beautiful book from monica rich kassan. she is a photographer/jewelrymaker. she went around asking people what's the most important thing in your life, cherish. this is the shotgun house i grew up in texas. i'm going to cray. it was the first place i ever knew at home. my papa used to sit on that front pornl with me. it is my possession obsession. she has other people in it.
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possession obsession. we had a great time last night. book is phenomenal. i get choked up thinking about this picture. it was just a ploy for you to hug me. no. it is something that means the world to me. i thought about you guys. what's your possession obsession? >> mine -- i had to think about it. mine is probably a little weird. we lived in the middle of the woods. we went outside and we found this little acorn with a hole in it. it was just this weird little acorn. right? so he at one point gave it to me for a present. i gave it to him as a present. he gave it back to me. then on my wedding day i gave it back to him with like a little poem and a little note. i think he has it now. dad, that is my possession obsession, so, dad, i'm hoping you still have it.
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>> it is like a 30-year-old acorn. cute. we got to call your dad. what's your possession obsession? >> right now outside of my wife and children, it's time. it is funny because i just found out the other night that i'm 43 years old. >> i heard you had a google yourself. >> i did. because -- i don't google myself! >> just to find out your age. >> i did because i've been telling people for a year i was 44. scenarios. like are you lying, mr. dane? no, officer, i don't lie. i'm a 44-year-old man. and i've been saying this for a year in different situations. rebecca said what do you want to do for your birthday, babe? i said i don't want to turn 45. she said, i don't think you're turning 45. i said, babe, i've been 44 for a year. next logical step is 45.
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out i was 43. >> you can't believe everything you read on internet. >> you know what year you were born, right? you could double check it. >> google. cross reference. >> just put this inside your dressing room. up next, tom cruise reveals a 30-year-old secret about "top gun." later, based series, but they never shared any scenes together. paul rizer and jennifer grey. we had to bring you guys we had to bring you guys together?i was in shock when my dentist was explaining to me the acidity of foods and what they can do to your teeth. thinning of the teeth and leading to being extremely yellow would probably gross me out! my dentist recommended pronamel. it can help protect enamel from acid erosion.
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celebrity co-host, eric dane. thank you so much. you survived -- i can't talk. >> this is a privilege to be here. >> tom cruise has been out promoting his reacher," but he talked about the 30th anniversary of the "top gun." word was that cruise was going to actually pass on the role. producers arranged a flight blu. he told jimmy that story was not true. he was going to take the movie, he was just sucking them up. then he was on james cordan and they did a retrospective of tom cruise's career.
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>> show me. s show me. >> no. show me. >> me. >> money! >> money! >> what are you doing? >> just doing the scene. >> doing the scene? if you're going to do it, let me do it >> show me the money. >> show! >> show! >> me! >> me! >> me! >> money! >> money! >> you want answers? >> i want the truth! >> you can't handle the truth! >> did you order the code red? >> you [ bleep ] right i did! >> woo! ?
10:17 am
off the shelf i sit and listen to 'em by myself ? ? today's music ain't got the same soul i like that old-time rock 'n' roll ? >> they've got pants on. >> you say eric, "top gun," how many times? >> i saw it 30 times. i own that movie, "top gun." >> what's the line? >> i am dry ice. >> speaking of bi monster lobster. it is all over the internet. 14 pounds. caught in the waters churned by a hurricane. >> i feel like that should weigh 25 pounds. >> i've seen bigger lobsters. >> really? >> i saw a 17-point lobster in nova scotia. >> do you have a picture or something to prove? >> no, i don't. >> they don't taste as delicious
10:18 am
>> they're like harder, tougher. >> they're like 99 years old at that point. >> okay, dylan has the weather. switching to the weather, we have more record breaking heat today across the southeast. we are likely going to see temperatures once again in the mid 80s. coming close to or if not breaking records but there is that cold front that's going to start to cool things down as we >> changes are in store for us today as our taste of summer moves out of, its b cooler temperatures with a northeasterly wind component. temperatures milder in store, and scattered showers, pushing from the north comes with wet weather. friday in saturday, we could keep those scattered showers around want to start off the weekend, certainly cooler temperatures in store for us and windy this weekend as well. >> and that's your latest forecast.
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first and foremost, before we get to these hacks, if you are experiencing severe medical problems, you need to go to the doctor. >> these are more -- a lot of these are sort of transitional until you make your way to the emergency room or make your way to the health care professional. some really neat tips. >> cool. let's get started with just a clear glass. >> this one is something that's called a tumbler test. this is for assessing or analyzing if you develop a nausea, stiff neck, something that you might be concerned could be meningitis, there is a rash that can be associated with meningitis that will look like tiny little red or brown pin pricks. what you do is you take a clear glass. you place it on the skin. if you can skill see the rash through the glass, that could be a concerning symptom for meningitis. what can happen is the bacteria
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infection of the brain and spinal cord. the bacteria can get through the blood stream, cause leakiness in the blood vessels which will cause a non-blanching rash on the skin. if you see that, certainly in the setting of the other symptoms, you are calling 911 and getting into the car or ambulance. yes. >> the next one is saran wrap. this could help with burns. >> this can help with burns. generally we would describe or use this in the setting of a second orhi the first degree burn has redness and pain without blistering. a second or third degree burn where you either have blistering or even charred or white skin, you need to seek medical attention. don't treat those burns at home. if you've burned yourself, this is a heat burn, not a chemical burn, you simply place the plastic wrap over it. what this does, it seals in the skin. it prevents water from getting in.
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medical experts have vouched for the sterility of this stuff. it is fantastic thing to do to protect your skin while are you on the way to an emergency room. >> that's not the repair for the burn. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> this one i love, especially because al just showed us that his knee was sewed up with super glue. >> he did. it was. so that's interesting. because they actually do in the emergency room especially, and avoid sutures at all cost, using super glue to treat a wound at home is appropriate if the wound is not deep, not too wide, and especially not on a very mobile part. you don't want to do it over the joints. always make sure, again, you want to clean the wound first. right? watch your hands, rinse it out, do all that. if it is a very superficial burn, can you put super glue on it, then please go have a
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jennifer grey has starred in some of hollywood's most memorable films. she played feris bueller's jealous sister, and soon after we saw her flawless dance moves with patrick swayze in the her co-star is known for "mad about you" which ran for seven seasons, and now paul reiser and jennifer star in prime time. paul plays his boss, and jennifer plays his mom. >> david, david, wake up! wake up!
10:31 am
look at this place! it is a disaster area! i am not picking up after you anymore, mister. you are 21 years old. how would you like it if i went in to your car and just left my panties all over the seat? >> i said i'll get it. >> paul and jennifer, good morning. you guys don't do scenes together. >> contractually, we're note allowed to. >> how did you request jennifer? >> you know what,ou take so much of a person. we'll promote the show but to work together, it is too much. no, we actually have never had a scene. we're big, huge fans and pals and yet -- >> is that going to happen down the road? >> if america demands it. >> hello, america. it's on you. >> because i play -- it rely al focuses on these two young people. i am the father of the girl.
10:32 am
so it hasn't come up. unless they get married, then we'd have to -- we'd have to pick a caterer together. >> wow. >> paul, you do play the mean boss at this country club. what drew you to this character? >> you said mean. mean? perhaps. opinionated. i thought you play a mean boss, i said -- terrific. >> the kids don't say it that way >> you know what? a friend of mine, i was working on a project with a friend and we were writing something that i was going to be in. he goes, everybody in america thinks you're this nice guy, but you are a he really not that nice. i go, i know! now the jig is up. but i get to be myself and it is a great relief. >> eric, this is a unique experience four. you are actor, not normally the co-host interviewing. how does it feel? >> i haven't really gotten into
10:33 am
it's all yours, eric. >> so, jennifer, you play this character who is questionably -- give me a little background on how i'm doing. >> terrible. terrible. >> go. >> questionable in sexuality? >> you're married to richard kind. >> i was married to richard kind. not happy. taking ecstasy, mdma, to try to get some empathy going. >> now you're on pills. >> easy. easy down, tiger. >> calm down, eric. >> you're co-host of a morning tv. >> doesn't make it true. >> it also says china invented global warming. come on. >> finish your story. >> as i was saying, i was really unhappily married and i just didn't know if it was that man or it should be another man. or perhaps i'm with the wrong gender. so i was open to seeing, you
10:34 am
>> very well said. >> doesn't mean she is making a commitment. she's thumbing through the brochure to see what plans they might have. and then to make a decision. if you don't like that, find something else. >> makes a lot of sense. >> you guys are obviously, all three of you, iconic actors. tv. >> iconic. >> no, i'm hosting now. >> you think you're it? >> yeah, come on. >> when you say iconic, finish your people identify these so strongly with one character. for you it is a couple. for the guys -- but how does that feel to break out of that mold? you've got the "last ship." you've got this new project. is there pressure? >> pressure's for tires. >> wow! >> pull that one. where did you find that one? >> martin short. >> this is actually a great --
10:35 am
it is on amazon. on amazon, they don't reveal the numbers. it could have 17 people watching, it could be billions. we don't know. >> i love that! >> but we will release the numbers after the election. we promise. >> it won't be rigged? >> no, it won't be rigged. and it will be full, only because the show is being audited. that's the reason. >> now it is your turn. >> i'm going to -- right here it says we're going to say good-bye. >>en >> maggie mae, just ask me whatever you want to know. >> see, okay. what you guys don't know is that jennifer -- we have a bond. we have a mutual friend that we both love. >> yes. yes. >> come on! >> we're doing this. >> no. we're like best friends. but we did it -- >> exactly. >> because you got dressed this morning. >> okay. so i do play -- i do in this current season, i kissed a girl
10:36 am
>> oh. i didn't know we were going that way. >> you guys were getting mad at me earlier for saying stuff. >> no. i do kiss a girl in the show. >> but our history -- >> "red oaks." i was saying i'm such a fan because i am such a news junkie and i really, really respect how you are handling yourself. i think you are so amazing. you're so -- you're such baller around you're so sexy and smart and coolnd >> you're all right. >> thank you, dylan. >> i went shopping all day yesterday for like two hours desperately trying to get a good outfit so i could just like sit next to you. >> can we see this? >> i love this outfit. >> i look like i'm going back to school. look. it is like back to school. >> no, it's super cute. >> like i put on my back-to-school outfit. >> no. we love you. we love paul. >> i was shopping all day yesterday, also. to be more like eric.
10:37 am
>> see what happens? >> the important thing is tell america where they can watch this. >> amazon prime. "red oaks." we love it. phenomenal. we don't care about the ratings. but watch. >> if you are looking to see us in a scene together, season th alexa, open baby names. okay. [laughter] alexa, order another bride cake topper. arghh. alexa, where's the nearest gym? the nearest gym is .02 miles away. alexa, ask uber for a ride. nivea in-shower body lotion after washing apply and rinse 24 hours of moisture with no sticky feel. then get dressed and go. delight your senses with in-shower cocoa butter.
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? you never believed in fairytales. knights in shining armor or happily ever after. but you believed when the right one came along, you'd be ready. time to shine. orbit. we're having a debate. it is a staple in every man and woman's closet -- jeans. but this season, denim is getting a bit of a makeover. >> here to show you how to pull off the latest trends, "today" contributor liliana vasquez.
10:42 am
eric is going to tell us what he thinks. >> we always give our opinion. we are looking for a guy's opinion. first up, one of my favorite styles of the season. the cropped flair jean. what's great about denim this season, you saw skinny season after season. denim got a whole makeover. these hit right above the ankle. perfect if you are wearing really good shoes because you can show them off. they also look great with ankle booties as well. this pair is from macy's. about kwool. >> it makes it edgy, undone. deconstructed. what other fashion terms? >> the coat is available at ann taylor. those gold shoes -- >> you got to get those shoes. that is the shoe of the season. that's the shape.
10:43 am
like a bagillion dollars. >> annamaria is showing the flair. it is back. >> did it leave? >> it had a moment where people weren't wearing it as much. but this season it is back in a major way. this is an every woman's jean. don't know one woman who puts these jeans on and doesn't feel like a million bucks. these are available at american eagle. under $50. the key with the flair is you need them to basically graze the nd uniform color of denim. super sleek like a trouser. a sweater like this with the shirt underneath. >> the flair to me is questionable. if they're just brushing the ground, they're going to get dirty. >> so it's not the shape, it is that it hits the ground. >> it looks great on her body. >> here's my observation because
10:44 am
long and the long. i think a shorter vest thing. you're covering up her body. >> she looks beautiful. >> i'd do a shorter sweater. >> that's the great thing about these jeans. they do all different kinds of tops. >> no go wash your jeans. >> do you recognize our model? >> dylan dreyer's husband is our model. we have our own zoolander in the house! >> you're leak being at it. blue steel, head to toe. >> i told brian his look was inspired by david beckham. david beckham loves the black slim jean. here he is in a black slim jean. it is not a skinny jean. there is a big difference. slim just means that it fits. then with the black you want to mix in this kind of like rich chestnut stone. >> i like the slim. i'm not a fan of the skinny. my wife tells me that the older
10:45 am
>> slim is different than skinny. slim just means it is a great fit. >> i like the slim. i am not a fan of the skinny. >> i love this. >> i think you look so cool. >> i actually like it. >> this is a look i've never seen you in before. i love it. and thank you for doing anything i ask you to do. you just -- he says yes to everything. >> he kind of has to. >> i do. >> he doesn't really have a choice, dylan. i know you. let's be 100%, brian. you don't have a choice. >> this >> what was the one word you used when you put on the outfit and you put on the jeans ? >> super comfortable and super easy to do. >> bring out our models. i love you as a fashion critic. for a complete list of where to purchase this entire looks, go to -- in the way of my prompter. i can't -- >> sorry.
10:46 am
dylan, get's go to you. >> i love all the looks. i love it, brian. >> bri: changes are in store >> changes are in store for us today as our taste of summer moves out of, its back to fall, cooler temperatures with a northeasterly wind component. tomorrow temperatures milder in store, and scattered showers, warm front pushing from the north comes with wet weather. friday into saturday, we could keep those scattered showers around to start off the weekend, certainly cooler temperatures in
10:47 am
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we love this woman so much. edgy, no-holds-barred. she will certainly have us on the floor with her perfect humor. >> wanda psyches sykes is out w brand-new comedy special where she made quite a few jokes at the expense of >> wanda sykes, you do make a lot of jokes at the expense of your family. your kids are a little young. but what about your wife? >> i believe in talking about what you know. right? i know these people. i live with these people. and my wife, she's aware of the material. she likes it actually. >> even when you talk about her cooking? >> yes. the woman can't cook. i mean -- that's -- she can't cook. it's no secret.
10:52 am
enjoy it. that's what it is. she doesn't enjoy cooking so her food tastes like she didn't have a good time doing this. like her food tastes like necessity. you gotta eat. that's a fact. >> she was actually in the audience when you filmed this show. >> yes. >> do you ever look at her, make eye contact, she how she's reading your jokes. >> never. i look away. i look away. i tell her just imagine while i'm uphe bags of money. so that way it will go down easier. this is all -- this is -- your trip to france, baby. sounds like i'm making fun of you, but really -- ca-ching. >> you and amy schumer are teaming up. >> we shot a movie together.
10:53 am
>> you want to tell us a little bit about that movie? it sounds interesting. >> it is very easy. but we'll talk about that when i come back in the summer to talk about the movie. right now we are he a talking about my special that airs this friday. >> yes. >> tell me a little bit about that. >> catch "what happened to sykes" tomorrow night on fx." this is "today" on nbc.
10:54 am
t. kate: one day you're a kid - and the next... kelly:'re raising your own little girl. kelly: growing up, i watched my mom work so hard. through challenges and struggles, she made our lives better. she's my inspiration in the senate - whether strengthening social security or medicare, protecting our environment, or helping make college more affordable... she taught me that with hard work... kate: you can do anything? kathy: anything. kate: my mom taught me that too.
10:55 am
can we thank eric dane for being here! you were fantastic. >> thank you. >> you were the closer. you were like a boss. >> we only threw you under the bus the outside corporate interests bankrolling question two are trying to deceive you. here's the truth:
10:56 am
that's 400 million just last year - according to the state's own data. which means real cuts to our kids - in arts, technology, ap classes, pre-school, bus service and more. that's why question two's opposed by the massachusetts pta and school committees all across the state. join them in voting no on question two. imagine if your child were trapped in a failing school. imagine if your child couldn't read or write at grade level. imagine if your child were stuck on a waiting list. 32,000 kids want to go to a public charter school. but they can't. if you like your public school, question 2 won't affect you. but for kids stuck
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10:58 am
. she's not working for new hampshire. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. months of degrading women and vulgar insults, and kelly ayotte supported donald trump through all of it, even calling him a role model. now, ayotte suddenly claims the opposite-- a political calculation just to re-elect herself. so, what else has kelly ayotte done to get re-elected? she's voted with the koch brothers 90% of the time, and corporate special interests like the kochs
10:59 am
kelly ayotte. doing what's right for herself is just wrong for new hampshire. i'm maggie hassan, and i approve this message. i m maggie hassan, el uh, first of all, i plan to vote for donald trump. when it served her purpose, ayotte buddied up to trump, even calling him a role model. mp? oh absolutely, i would do that. but she kept playing politics and flip flopping around. ayotte is running away from trump as quickly as she can. and what she values is her seat. and she's trying - to keep something she values. - i know. kelly ayotte. the politician. looking out for herself. independence usa pac is responsible
11:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in >> hello, everybody! you have made it to thirsty thursday. it is thursday, october 20th. that is "uptown funk" by bruno mars. there's a reason we're playing it today. bruno mars and mark deserve a congratulation, that song is diamond, which means it sold more than 10 million unit since its debut two years ago.


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